glutes, abs, totalbody

FORM / This class is a compilation of all my favourite things. Abs are first up with a flow that lengthens the body but burns the abs. WIN. Glutes get a good serving and you'll feel challenged yet rewarded but the creative 4 point series. If you've been doing FORM classes for a while, this is a wonderful step towards our signature SCULPT classes. SPOTIFY / HOUSE OF SCULPT / IWD

LUTEAL PHASE [day 21 — 28]

As we enter the Luteal Phase, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone reach their peak concentrations before falling to their lowest levels before menstruation begins. Your core body temperature is increased which means that cardiovascular endurance may be hindered and you may exhaust quicker. Opt to go back to basics during this time. The classes within this playlist have been carefully curated to work with your hormones and help you feel your best.